Digital Media the Nestlé way

With millions of followers internationally Nestlé’s Caribbean brand pages are a unique sample of the culture, traditions and personality of the region they represent. McCann Port of Spain manages a host of varying culinary and dairy brands – MAGGI®, Nestlé Milks, KLIM, Carnation® Milks and others.


MAGGI® Recipe App © 2017

Working with Nestlé has caused for a shift in the way we think about social media and digital advertising. Speaking to a regional audience means tailoring content and understanding trends in the regional and international markets.

The MAGGI® recipe app prototype was designed by the McCann Digital team as an interactive resource for Caribbean home cooks. The on boarding features a 4 step process to select the type of meal, cooking time and ingredient preferences to generate a list of MAGGI® recipes tailored to the user’s criteria.


The increase in mobile penetration and mobile data in the Caribbean meant that more users were actively searching their next meals via their phones. The MAGGI® website would act as a repository for all Caribbean recipes and was proposed as a more affordable alternative to the app. Other features included an e-grocery list partnering with local distributors to delivery groceries, nutritional tips and cooking tips focusing on Nestlé’s mandate for Nutrition, Health and Wellness.


Digital Channel StrategyScreen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.30.41 PM


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