E-Learning in the Caribbean

Learning through play is a key component in early – childhood education. The increase of technology in the classrooms throughout the Caribbean has led to a shift in teaching methods and lesson structures. The challenges of teaching different types of learners has created innovative solutions in the form of classroom materials – online lesson plans, web apps and e-learning videos being integrated into the classroom.

“Animal Adventure” aimed at integrating key learning components of the Primary School syllabus into an online story-game. The development, design and testing of the game was done in partnership with the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and the Department of Creative and Festival Arts with a focus on technology for Caribbean education.


The “Animal Adventure” game was targeted to kids ages 4+ to be used both in the classroom and at home. Skills included level 1 reading, level 1 mathematics (addition and subtraction), matching skills and comprehension skills. The game’s user interface and micro interactions aimed to appeal to sensory learners with drag and drop elements, auditory cues, and visual stimuli which helped guide the child through the story.

The Caribbean theme focused on a young boy who learns about the flora and fauna of his world as well as information on wildlife conservation and pollution. The “Jelly Fish Game” educated children on the dangers of plastics at sea, by tapping on the rubbish as it floats to the top of the screen they collect points and help save the sea turtle.





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