Telecoms e-Service Portal

The Telecoms e-Service Portal was designed to help filter calls from customers through the chain of processes for one of the Caribbean’s leading Telecoms companies. This was done as part of their on going re-brand and the relaunch of their website.

A collaborative team of web developers, project managers, user interface and user experience designers as well as representatives from the company were present at each stage of the process to identify key pain points for both customers and call centre staff.

Customer queries, call centre response times and integration with the technician database were all assessed to determine the optimum work flow for the system. This fed into a larger network of web and mobile platforms designed by McCann Port of Spain along with key developers.


The Ticket history for each customer can be accessed via the Help & Support section of the website. Users can search via Ticket Numbers to see the status of each job and  the details. This interface is accessible via both customer facing and service sector platforms.

Home Page – Desktop & Mobile

The redesign of their existing website addressed issues from the digital audit conducted in 2016 for the company. Improvements included easier navigation, customer focused, modular layout and a clearer path to purchase. The mobile-web version focuses on the primary task of a mobile user – top-ups, bill pays and product reviews.


Responsive Website

  • Ranks higher in Google search results
  • Consistent user experience across multiple devices
  • Content consistency based on functionality/needs

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.51.20 PM

Insights from Google Analytics of the previous website showed the flow of traffic from the home page to the product pages. There was also a high bounce rate on pages such as tech news and business. This informed the site architecture and overall hierarchy of needs for the user.

A web development project is like building a house – they involve teams of specialist working towards a client’s vision. It requires the right tools and follows the right process to get the job done – on time AND within budget. It’s not always possible to get all of these done all the time but starting off with wireframes and prototypes can help engage the client with the right discussion to get your building off the ground.

To find out more about how interactive prototypes can help your business feel free to get in touch.



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